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Minds of the Rich: Part I


Imputed to Diogenes by Strobaeus:

160. “Most rich people can be compared with fruit trees and vines that grow in inaccessible and precipitous locations; for just as the fruit of the latter is not gathered buy human beings, but only consumed by crows and similar creatures, so likewise the money of the dissolute, instead of being put aside for appropriate use, is squandered on spongers and whores, and the most shameful indulgences and emptiest fancies.”

Note: during an insomniac layover in Qatar in 2019 I went to the airport mall, which was open 24/7, in search of a hat. I'd lost mine and I’d need one in Vietnam. I went into one of the Hermes stores and picked up a ball cap with the Hermes logo. I was informed by the cashier that the hat, a typical ball cap which can be bought anywhere for $20, was $500 because of the Hermes logo. I burst out laughing and the young Arab behind the counter joined me.

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