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Would you like to publish? Are you a published writer who would like to rediscover the impulses that brought you to writing? Reveal inner landscapes you’ve not yet explored?

My workshop provides a safe space for you to write, share, and receive feedback for your work. Regarding my own education as a writer, I think my best teacher was my editor at Norton, the late Carol Houck Smith. She had a way of zeroing in on a point that revealed its not-yet-realized potential. There was little identification of "bad" writing--and in those instances she would succeed in cracking me up. She was laser accurate in her observations and I never felt demeaned or derailed by her. I'd like to think I learned how to do this from her and thus employ it in my workshops.

You can expect thoroughly supportive feedback, with an emphasis on generating and shaping material. All levels of experience are welcome, from published writers to beginners. The interaction between the various levels of experience creates a richly diverse workshop environment. 

I send out prompts and readings a week in advance of the workshop that you may respond to or ignore. Participants then send responses to a Google Docs Folder at least two days before the workshop.  

All Workshops are presently held on ZOOM.

Dates & Cost:

The next workshop begins Thursday, August 19 and runs subsequent Thursdays till October 21. 

7:00-9:00pm EST (with the occasional runover).


Note: Since workshops are held on Zoom, you can be anywhere in the country to participate. 

Sliding scale: $250-$600

Checks only.

To register, complete the form below by August 12. I'll email you a mailing address for payment, as well as detailed workshop guidelines.

Choose ABOUT tab for a brief bio and teaching philosophy


Thanks for submitting!

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