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“[Anderson’s] beautifully told story is one of redemption…“

—Publishers Weekly, starred review

“The descriptions of the experience of participating in the Vietnam War, of men fighting a war they don’t believe in, transgressing their own morality to stay alive, resonate now just as they did then.“—

—The Boston Globe

“Such a gritty, powerful, horrifying treatment of the Vietnam War & its personal aftermath, with compelling looks (in middle sections) at Spain's conflict with Napoleon & the war glorified in the Iliad.”


“ Read Horse Medicine.  Then read it again.  And again.  You will be in the presence of something larger than yourself.  I believe it’s something to be thankful for.”

-Frank X Gaspar| VERDAD

"Doug Anderson is one of the bravest poets I know, utterly uncompromising. His language brims with compassion, rage, tenderness and pain. The Vietnam war is his primary subject, rendered here with a startling clarity of image and understanding, a wrenching intimacy born of experience. Anderson is cursed and blessed with memory, and his considerable poetic gift assures that we will not forget, either."

- Martin Espada

"Richard Burton said his father was famous as a miner because he could see the character of the coal. He would look at the face a bit, then hit it hard in the right spot, and tons of coal would fall down. I don't know if the story is true, but I know it's true of these poems about that war."

- Jack Gilbert

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