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Jacob and Lindsey's Wedding

There must have been seventy-five to a hundred people at this wedding. As an outsider--Jacob's friend--I felt overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the love in these two families and their many friends. There was great fun but there was also real dignity and decorum. These things came naturally. As the Rabbi said "Jewish weddings are not about solemnity; they are about the celebration of life." And a celebration it was. There was no sentimentality or sappiness here; there was good-hearted reality. Later in the service the Rabbi said "it is not about perfection but connection."* And I felt a need for this in my own life. I'm grateful for where it exists but I think it is a larger issue, especially in an era of divisiveness and alienation such as our own. Mazel Tov! to Jacob and Lindsey! May their fountain overflow into the thirsty world. *I am paraphrasing the Rabbi, but I think I've recorded the truth of what he said.

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