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Updated: May 9, 2022

Yo Twenty Something Editor

If you write a poem

about just being alive

just the hard hurts of being human

nobody wants it you got to

dress it up in political drag

but there's nothing more political

than the unloved love

we all carry but can't get out

because it's not safe

to bare anything real these days

(got to have that ironic force field yo)

it might interest you hipsters to know

that in the places bloodied by war

you know "third world" countries

people write love poems all the time

just to take back some of their lives

from the general beshittedness of things

But WE get righteous out of guilt

start preaching

I just turned seventy-nine I've paid dues

and I don't give a fuck I'll say it

you got to put your brass knuckles down

just for a minute or two each day

to remember who you me are

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