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December 22: Happy Solstice

Our president seems to be growing more unhinged daily. He's threatening martial law to overthrow the election and has ordered the Pentagon not to cooperate with the incoming Biden administration. Even the hate-speak preacher Pat Robertson said he lives in an "alternate reality." Even his supporters in the administration are resisting Trump's attempted coups d'etat. Now is the time for the country to educate itself about previous historical nightmares, and now is the time to resist the armed vigilantes that seem to be showing up at rallies, kicking in doors, burning Black Lives Matter signs in front of famous black churches, and attempting to kidnap and behead the Governor of Michigan. Dark times, certainly, but we've turned toward the light. There is a lot of work to do in the next four years to prevent another fascist president in 2024.

Meanwhile, scientists are making discoveries and sharing them throughout the world, musicians are making music, poets poems, artists art. Medical personnel are working around the clock to keep us healthy during the pandemic. Without recognition activists, teachers and social workers are working in poor neighborhoods to help people stricken by the country's perverse imbalance of wealth. Slightly more than half of eligible voters voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Let us please take the Senate and vote out Trump's accomplices over the next four years. Below is a beautiful farmhouse in Hadley, Massachusetts. I wish you a soulful and creative day.

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