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All but ten Republicans in Congress and the Senate are afraid of voting to impeach Donald Trump because they fear the violence of the extreme right. I can’t feel sorry for them. They’ve supported Donald Trump for the last four years and did not object to his racist, violence provoking rhetoric. They did not object to Kyle Rittenhouse when he murdered two protesters in Wisconsin and wounded others. I’m sure they tacitly approved, and also approved of the threats to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Wisconsin. They thought all those good old boys with assault rifles outside the Capitol building were just fine. They didn't object when Steve Bannon suggested beheading Dr. Fauci, nor did they censure Louis Gohmert for his calls to violence. They did not object when shock jock Alex Jones’ repeatedly called for violence. They didn't object to the rally in Charlottesville that killed Heather Heyer, in which Neo Nazis beat black protesters. It would be safe to say they were complicit in Donald Trump’s ascent powered by grassroots fascism. And now they are afraid. What did they expect? It might interest them that black people deal with these threats daily and have for centuries. A black friend just wrote me that he bought a bullet proof vest to drive across country after Capitol riots of January 6th. A Jewish friend, alarmed by anti-Semitic rhetoric in his area just bought a pistol. A lot of people live in fear in this country because their government will not protect them. Trans and gay people are particularly vulnerable and Trump/GOP have just voted to remove their protections. Who are these people kidding? They’ve created the problem, now they can live with it while the Biden administration attempts to clean up the mess.

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