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The Mind of Right Wing Christianity

This variant of Christianity foregrounds the crucifixion and the idea that the Jews killed Jesus (it was the Romans) without attending to the teachings that exhort care for the poor, the protection and respect of women, and offer revelations about how the hypocritical human mind projects its evil onto others.

Although they are blatantly anti-semitic, right wing Christians go to the Hebrew Bible for their approved punishments of infidels. PS Jesus was a Jew.

Right wing Christians do not read the Bible, but accept the often hateful rhetoric of the pastors who are fleecing them. They also embrace "prosperity theology" which suggests that God will reward them with money for following the pastor's teachings. Those who are not rewarded with money, will never own a Ferrari like the pastor, assume it is because they are sinners. This works well with an inferiority complex and self-hatred.

There is an "Onward Christian Soldiers" energy in right wing Christianity which is not metaphorical, as it is in the hymn of the same name. They are literally blessing AR-15s and coming armed to church.

Be very afraid.

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