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Updated: Apr 19, 2022


The fish in the Swift River will not miss you when you die.

Few people will actually see who you are in your lifetime.

It is possible to argue with the inside of your own head

and blame it on others.

Gossip is hoping others will not see the shit you are unloading on someone else.

If you see the Buddha coming down the road hit him in the face with a pie.

Tyrants will insist you hate everyone they hate and believe everything they believe.

The sky is powder blue, which means it is up to something.

A camera is like the eye but without the judgment of the brain, therefore it can teach you.

Blather is not poetry. Emotion is not poetry. Self-revelation is not poetry. Blarney is not poetry. Having opinions is not poetry. Turning up the volume and wearing a costume is not poetry.

In order for something to be a poem there must be some poetry in it.

Getting off the highway and wandering in the scent of fresh cut hay can wake you up.

Getting back on the highway can do the same.

If someone is attracted to you for the wrong reason they will leave you for the same.

Bumble bees like to nest in wood siding.

A horse is not embarrassed when it farts.

A good poem picks you up at one place and sets you down in another.

Imagination is not useful unless it penetrates reality,

otherwise you mistake the unicorn for the miracle of the actual horse.

We are more noble in act of becoming than in the state of having arrived.

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